Composite boards

complete terrace and fencing systems

If durability and convenience of use are your main priorities, then composite systems will meet your expectations.

Composite terrace and fence boards

The offer of composite terrace and fence boards.

Our offer is not only high-quality wood. To expand our offer we also provide composite profiles for terraces and fences which combine the nature of wood and the properties of plastics.
An unquestionable advantage of such a solution is the convenience of assembly and use. Profiles do not require painting or other protection, even after many years of use. An additional advantage is the fact that the production technology was established in Poland and also here the terraces and composite fences are produced.

What is a WPC composite?

Thanks to advanced technologies we managed to combine wood with plastic. 45% is carefully selected wood flour and another 45% is PVC plastic.
The remaining 10% are additives that combine the product into one entity and give it the right characteristics.

Composite boards are completely resistant to the most demanding weather conditions and do not require maintenance. For many years they retain the original color and are very resistant to abrasion and loads.

Under the influence of weather conditions the composite profiles reach their final colour after the first few months of use. This does not affect their durability and is a natural feature of the system.

Terrace system – WPC composite

Terrace system made of composite boards

The complete terrace system submits of joist boards deck boards and finishing strips.

Available in the following sizes:

Terrace boards 25x160mm  – 3 or 4 lm
Ioist 30×50                           – 3 lm
Composite strip 60×6          – 3 lm 

dark brown - brushing

graphite - brushing

nut brown - brushing

graphite - smooth

nut brown - smooth

gray - smooth

gray - brushing

light brown - brushing

dark gray - smooth

Fencing system – WPC composite

Fences consist of composite boards

The complete terrace system submit of fence rails horizontal boards and channels.

Available in the following sizes:

Horizontal boards       – 2 m
Vertical boards           – 1,25 or 1,5 m
Channel                       – 2 m 

horizontal board - dark brown

horizontal board - graphite

vertical boards - brashing - dark brown

vertical boards - brashing - gray

not brushed rail - dark brown

not brushed rail - graphit

channel - dark brown

channel - graphite

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